‘Meditation’ – a technique, and a process perceived as many things by different people. For some, it is a way of life. For others, it is a method that demands time in life. And, for the rest it is a non-decipherable concept. We do not know which category you might belong to. Whether ‘meditation’ is a way of life for you or something that demands time from life, or it could just be an unexplored science that invokes you – ‘meditation’ is undeniably unique and one of the most invigorating forms of science ever developed.

If you are stressed, burnt, tired or plain bored – then a Meditation Retreat in India is one such elemental experience that is worth living at least once in a year. If you happen to travel to India and are unsure of the destination to undergo a rejuvenating trip, then we suggest you hail for a Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh. A meditation tour in India will not solve a purpose if you are looking for one, it is devoid of it. You might harness something like a weight on your body, mind and soul – ‘meditation’ delivers you to the present moment and lets you live in it, be at peace with it.

Meditation is a vast science with different segments and techniques. It is quite easy to feel unsure about which one is ideal. Hence, we have listed the six most inspiring methods to explore from when on a Meditation Trip in India:

Vipassana Meditation

Achieving mental purification by seeing things as they really are – this is the niche of Vipassana Meditation. One of the most ancient and the most pain stacking meditation techniques since the time of Lord Buddha, Vipassana Meditation is meant to help achieve mental and physical peacein the most vial situation. Known for its tougher-than-life process, this meditation technique is taken by very few people due to the same reason. However, if you do decide to give this one a try then you are advised to have nothing on mind, but ‘patience and devotion’.

Transcendental Meditation

Achieving a state of inner-calmness and peace even when surrounded by chaos and confusion – this is the purpose of Transcendental Meditation. This classification of meditation tour in India is specifically for the stressed out souls looking to tune out disparaging things out of their lives. It opens the gateway to achieving ‘inner peace’.

Heart Rhythm Meditation

The Heart Rhythm Meditation focuses on a downward style of meditation technique that works on the process of consciously observing the movements of cardiac muscles as the focus travels from the core of the body to its feet. This form of meditation technique helps build positive and elated vibes in people. It progressively helps on all three major levels – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Mindfulness Meditation

One of the ancient forms of Buddhist meditation techniques, Mindfulness Meditation focuses on two keywords ‘Awareness and Acceptance’. Under this particular technique, thoughts are set free. The meditator does not try to control their mind in order to concentrate better – instead, they accept things, thoughts, and images as they appear in the conscious.  Eventually, when the wandering pauses, the mind is able to focus back with much more ease and intensity. This method helps you direct towards living life mindfully.

Guided Visualization Meditation

To invoke calm and happy thoughts, guided visualization meditation technique seeks visual support of an object or an image that inspires the practicing individual. It seeks the power of imagination – as an individual imagines a situation or an experience that renders peace and happiness to them internally. This imaginary experience helps achieve peace, tranquility and delivers feelings of fulfillment to the mind.

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini – the core-point in our body and a crucial meditation technique. Under this technique, the mind focuses upon the flow of energy from Kundalini source to the head as it travels upward. This form of meditation retreat helps an individual enhance their creative energy and intuitive skills.

Guide yourself towards any of these mesmerizing meditation vacations in India and attain a speckle of enlightenment whose effects resonate with your soul for an entire lifetime.

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