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Scholarship Program

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Yoga is a universal science that places no bias among its followers. The science can be adopted by anyone, irrespective of age, creed, religion, body type, disorders, etc.

With the divine purpose of making yoga accessible to all its enthusiasts and followers despite the monetary gaps, Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala has launched the Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Program in India.

The Yoga TTC Scholarship in Rishikesh shall be offered in the following courses:

Yoga scholarship

Why Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, India?


Resonating with the karmic objective to reach out the magnificent science of yoga and spirituality to various corners of the globe and, to all those who are truly passionate for attaining the art form, Rishikesh Yogis offers accredited Yoga Teacher Training Program in India for free. The Yogshala strongly believes in the humanitarian values that Yoga entails. Those who aspire to dedicate their life to yoga and hold innate desire to spread the divine art form to various parts of the globe as acclaimed yoga teachers can greatly benefit from this wonderful Yoga Scholarship program – truly one of its very rare in India. What’s even greater is that the school does not distinguish between its non-scholarship and scholarship students. And, so every non-scholarship student undergoes the  Read More...

Primary Subjects Undertaken


Kundalini Yoga

Study of traditional teachings from Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita,Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Yoga Upanishads that explain the learning and practices Kundalini Yoga. Also known as the ‘laya’ yoga, Kundalini form of Yoga is one of the most mystical and traditional forms in yogic science.The style is greatly influenced by the Tantric School and Shaktism. Kundalini, the core of all creative energy that lies dormant within a human body can only be awakened through the intense practice of Kundalini Yoga.
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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga represents a flow, a motion that occurs with each breath yogi inhales and exhales. This transition from one yoga pose to another in a pre-designed series represents the dynamism of Vinyasa Yoga. The style has given birth to several contemporary forms of yoga and is one of the most elemental styles adopted by yoga practitioners and teachers.

Hatha Yoga

The ancient classical style of yoga represents union of the divine – the Sun ‘Ha’ and the Moon ‘Tha’. The style journeys through various yoga asanas and breathing exercises that unite the solar and lunar energy in a human body crucial for its holistic well-being. This union signifies balance, harmony and rhythm of the mind, body and soul.
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Training the mind towards mindfulness involves in-depth practice and learning of the art of Meditation. There are several Meditation techniques and styles studied under this magnanimous subject. The aim is to dissipate the mind, body and soul of any negative energy and, progress it towards optimism and holistic living where the body establishes a deep connection with the mind and soul. This is the enroute to mental and spiritual salvation.


Under Yogic Philosophy, you shall get introduced to the yogic lifestyle, its discipline and its principles – the Yamas and, the Niyamas. As described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, you shall learn and undergo the teachings of Metaphysics of Yoga that are built on dualist foundation and represent the yogic culture and ideologies in detail.


Initially composed in the early Sanskrit Vedas, Mantras became crucial elements in almost every religion like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, etc. Mantras are a composition of a string of words, phonemes chanted to induce a transformed state of consciousness. Mantra Chanting is essentially included for deepening the yoga and meditation practices.


Explore the principles and science of human body and its application in Yoga. Thorough understanding and study of human body is crucial for a successful yoga practice. A body is complex mechanism and its relativity with Yoga needs to be studied in detail for amplifying the practice of yoga asanas, meditation, Pranayama and various limbs of yoga.
Yoga Nidra; an art of yogic relaxation

Teaching Methodology

Being a successful yoga practitioner and a skilled yoga teacher are two different objectives. Even though these are closely linked to each other, it does not necessarily imply that a good yoga practitioner is also a great yoga teacher. Teaching skills require inculcation through teaching classes; practice sessions, series of feedback and certain professional guidelines and teaching methods that help a student transform into a good yoga teacher.

Eligibility Criteria


We, at Rishikesh Yogis strongly believe that ‘Yoga is for everyone.” Irrespective of the background, religion, age, sex or nationality, we trust in helping as many aspiring yogis who are unable to pursue their passion and love for the divine art form due to financial constraints.

We accomplish this selfless purpose by providing them with quality yoga education for free and, by transforming them into successful yoga practitioners and well-grained yoga teachers.

If you have an innate passion and can commit to the learning and practice of this majestic science, then you are eligible to apply for our Yoga Training Scholarship program in Rishikesh India. Additionally, your application shall be screened and filtered according to the following pointers mentioned below:

We prefer applicants who have been practicing yoga for at least 2 years.
We demand dedication from each of our student. As a scholarship student, we expect you to commit to at least 90% of attendance.
Eligible applicants should be able to produce enough evidence in the application supporting their need for financial assistance.
Once we receive your application, it shall be thoroughly reviewed by a panel of yoga teachers. The result of which shall be communicated to you within 7 days.

How To Apply For The Scholarship Program?


Interested candidates may send in their applications for the YTTC Scholarship program at The application should clearly state the reason ‘What makes you eligible for a Scholarship program at Rishikesh Yogis?” Along with the application, also send in documents, story, photos or videos representing your journey so far as an aspiring yogi.

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What Is Included In The Scholarship Program?

Scholarship Program

As your application for the Yoga TTC Scholarship program gets approved, you shall be provided with certified Yoga Teacher Training at zero cost. Additionally, the Yogshala shall also bear the cost of study material required during the entire course and shall be provided to you for free. The Yogshala does not differ between a scholarship and a regular student. Hence, a scholarship student undergoes the same curriculum and attends the same classes as the regular students. You are only required to pay for food and accommodation which comes at a bare minimal cost. The accommodation is provided within the premise of the school for instilling proper requirements of the programs. Clean, spacious rooms are allotted on sharing basis with complete amenities for a comfortable stay. The food  Read More...

Our Team


Uttam Ghosh

Hatha Yoga,
Iyengar Yoga

Yogi Sushant

Yoga Philosophy,
Kriya and Kundalini Yoga,

Dorelal Singh Thakur

Vinyasa Yoga,
Yoga Philosophy

Hatha Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh Yogis
Reema Saikia

Traditional Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Marco Vidal

Lifelong sports enthusiast

Kushal Anatomy Teacher

Anatomy Teacher

Satyanarayan Jha
Satyanarayan Jha

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
Pratap Rawat

Ashtanga Yoga

Girish - Yoga Anatomy Teacher

Yoga Anatomy

Terms And Conditions


When you shall complete the course, you shall be awarded with Yoga Alliance recognized Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Due to the traffic of scholarship applications, all booked confirmations need to be locked in advance with a Non-Refundable deposit of $200. This deposit shall be adjusted in the fee amount upon commencement. Due to the rigorous and disciplinary demands of the program, it is mandatory for the students to stay at the on-site venue provided by the school. The accommodation provided is clean and spacious with all modern amenities and, can be availed on sharing basis. Participation in Karma Yoga projects is expected of each student enrolling at the Yogshala with the purpose of imbibing each student with humanitarian values that signify yoga. Flight and transportation  Read More...

Upcoming Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

200 Hour Scholarship Program in Rishikesh – 2020-21


Date From Date To Duration Fee(Shared Room) Booking
5th June 2020 2nd July 2020 28 days $800 Book Now
7th July 2020 3rd Aug 2020 28 days $800 Book Now

Rewards Of The Scholarship Program


Undergo the teachings and practice of acclaimed yoga program for Free. Become a globally certified Yoga Instructor without incurring heavy expense. Study the same curriculum as the regular students. Learn from the best yoga teachers and instructors. Go home as well-qualified yoga practitioner and teacher with the autonomy to teach yoga on a global scale.


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