I was blessed with the opportunity of learning yoga and meditation with Abhi, Uttam and Sushant in Rishikesh, India in April 2017 during a 10-day spiritual retreat. These three spiritual leaders are the epitome of what a Yogi should be; they have the warmth, compassion, humbleness, generosity, patience, understanding, enlightenment, embodiment and lived experience that is truly inspirational! They live and breathe (literally) their words of yoga philosophy by incorporating it into their daily practice with such ease. Just being in their presence is a tranquil pleasure as they bring such peace and joy in every interaction. Participating in their classes is a soul enriching experience, not only by being immersed in their depth of knowledge, powerful storytelling and incredible use of metaphors; but also as a witness to see these beautiful souls live their life’s calling in such an authentic and effortless way. They truly have a magical gift that they share without hesitation to everyone they come across. I can’t wait to see Abhi, Uttam and Sushant and learn from them again!

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At Rishikesh Yogis, we believe yoga is a life-style. It is not a technique or a mere practice; it is how one can lead their life towards its betterment. Our yoga retreats and training sessions lead you to immerse yourself into the yogic lifestyle while dwelling in an ashram style setting, alongside experienced and dedicated yogis. Our yoga teachers are world-class yoga certified trainers, while our courses are certified from the very prestigious Yoga Alliance, USA.