Well… It has taken some time to share my feelings & thoughts of what we experienced last month with these amazing teachers & healers, a connection I felt so deeply, the whole experience & how to put it in to words and express my gratitude has been a quandary.
Uttam, Abhi & Sushant, the powerful impact you had on me and everyone in our group was amazing. However, I can only speak for myself and say what an incredible experience I had, fulfilled with your teachings, knowledge, wisdom, compassion and amazing insight to the world of yoga, meditation & spirituality. Your generosity of time, patience, wisdom, experience & knowledge shared is beyond what I imagined this retreat would bring. I speak with gratitude & love for the experience of having the daily teachings with you guys & cannot wait to return to Rishikesh…

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At Rishikesh Yogis, we believe yoga is a life-style. It is not a technique or a mere practice; it is how one can lead their life towards its betterment. Our yoga retreats and training sessions lead you to immerse yourself into the yogic lifestyle while dwelling in an ashram style setting, alongside experienced and dedicated yogis. Our yoga teachers are world-class yoga certified trainers, while our courses are certified from the very prestigious Yoga Alliance, USA.