Prakash - Iyenger Yoga

Yogacharya Prakash Yogi Prakash was born in the Panchgani countryside in Maharashtra India. He was brought up and educated in Panchgani and lives there till date. The self-study gained through living in natural surroundings and the experience of the true art of living in every sphere of his life drew him towards “YOGA”. Young Prakash had spent his early days, for a better part growing up in the surrounding Panchgani. He imbibed the rich experience of nature and the hardships from the flora and fauna around him grow rich in natural gifts and gain a spiritual countenance.

In 1991 Prakash joined the world famous BKS Iyengar institute in Pune and trained under the watchful eye of Mr. Prashant Iyengar and Ms. Geeta Iyengar. Prakash continues to study and practice yoga at this world renowned institute. He Have recently completed his Medical Yoga Therapy from Unnati Yoga center under the guidance of Dr. Mrs. Vineeta Ketkar she direct disciple of Sri B.K.S Iyengar.

He has devoted many years towards practicing and teaching yoga at various places around the world. He is one of the few teachers recommended by the Lonely Planet. He has many thousands of followers around the world. He has taught many celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood. Yogi Prakash has immensely insightful and skillful teacher of body alignment techniques and is one of the pioneer of treating injuries inflicted body part by employing correct alignment techniques of Iyengar Yoga.