Rajnikant Singh

Rajnikant Singh was born and grew up in Delhi. He was first drawn to the power and subtlety of the ‘breath’ in the form of meditation which opened him to inner and outer calmness. His yoga journey began 6 years ago when he left his career in the finance sector and fulfilled a lifelong ambition of becoming a yoga teacher and now teaches yoga anatomy in Rishikesh. Inspired to follow his passion further, he practiced the Iyengar style of yoga and continued to study on deeper levels where he sighted acumen and assertion of what he had been finding on his own through practice. He merged tools like primal movement and deep relaxation(yoga nidra, meditation, and energy healing) to empower his students. He enjoys teaching the Musco-skeletal system and shares the fascinating, beautiful, and amazing facts about the human body on different levels. He is known for his unique style of teaching and ability to make things simple and easy to understand to his students. His Motto is to create awareness about understanding our mind and body, sleep, breathing patterns & diet etc. And he seeks to inspire and help his students to realise the limitless potential that already resides in them.”