10 Day Shamanic Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Bring yourself to serenity through the ancient wisdom of yoga and Kambo

Take the next step on your human journey to wholeness as you answer the soul’s call to deepen the relationship with self. Lighten your spirits, clear your mind, and reset your nervous system atop a mountain in the Himalayan foothills.

Join us for this unique blend of ancient Amazonian and Indian medicines as we cleanse mind, body, and soul, nourish ourselves with organic ayurvedic food, and access parts of ourselves yet to be discovered.

Bring yourself to serenity through the ancient wisdom of yoga and Kambo in the Himalayan Foothills.

Located just outside of the yoga capital Rishikesh, we invite you to spend 10 days nestled in nature to connect with your Higher Self through yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic practices and Amazonian medicines.

Here, we will nourish ourselves through Ayurvedic meals at our mountain-top ashram residency, enjoy daily yoga, meditation, and breathwork practices, and take part in kirtan (chanting), Satsang, and sacred ceremonies at yoga’s birthplace.

What will you find here?

We will explore the bustling streets of Rishikesh, replenish our souls through excursions within India’s mountains, and rebirth ourselves through the holy waters of the Ganges River – a sanctified pilgrimage site for yogis and spiritual seekers alike.

This retreat blends the magic of the Himalayas with the wisdom of the Amazon, as we will spend a day cleansing ourselves through Kambo’s blessings, and take part in hapeh and sananga circles. Join us for this shamanic blend of ancient healing as we release our internal confines and attune to your inherent bliss.


A Glimpse...

Yoga Retreat Ashram
Yoga Retreat place in rishikesh
Yoga retreat Dirghayu Bhava Aashram
Meditation in yoga retreat

What Makes This Retreat Special

Calling seekers of all levels who are looking to shed themselves of what no longer serves, enrich themselves in cultural excursions, and nourish themselves amongst the Himalayan foothills.

This retreat is the perfect opportunity to connect with your untapped power within, shed what no longer serves, and align yourself with pure authenticity.

Curated by yoga practitioners, a Rishikesh native, and an alternative medicine practitioner, this retreat is a unique blend of authentic opportunities to break free.




  • Yoga, meditation, and breathwork session
  • Breakfast

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Satsang (spiritual discourse)
  • Kambo, sananga, and hapeh ceremony
  • Day trip to Rishikesh
  • Excursions to meditation cave and waterfall
  • Ganga dip
  • Lunch


  • Dinner
  • Kirtan (mantra chanting), intention setting, and integration sessions

About the Location - Dirghayu Bhava Aashram

We will be staying at Dirghayu Bhava Ashram, your first step towards Self awareness and healing. The Ashram offers you the calm and peace required to disconnect from the city hustle and connect yourself to nature. The Aura of this place opens your hearts and minds naturally to bring out the mindfulness required for the journey towards the healing your soul deserves. Located at the top of the Mountain, surrounded by lush green forests of Uttrakhand, this place is completely isolated and away from the city hustle.


10 Day Shamanic Retreat in Rishikesh

retreat schedule

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21st Oct 2022 30th Oct 2022 $1600 $1800 USD Book now
Note: Early Bird discount available only 31 Aug 2022

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