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Relax, splurge and rejuvenate by being a part of our amazing Yoga Retreats in India. Retreat yourself away from the nerve wrecking miasma of your daily life. Join us on one of the most relaxing Yoga Holidays in India. And, indulge yourself with a life-transforming experience. Bring back home the most beautiful memories and a newly discovered zeal for life.

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7-Day Yoga for Trauma and Healing Retreat in India

Learn practices that help trauma survivors re-connect to their bodies in healthy and meaningful ways. Our beautiful ashram setting is the perfect place to spend time in nature and process what you  Read More...

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Sthira Tandava 07 Days Retreat in Rishikesh, India


Sthira Tandava - Exploring the Stillness in Movement

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Online Mantra Sadhana Workshops

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10 Day Shamanic Retreat in Rishikesh, India – October 2022

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