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Why join a Yoga course with Rishikesh Yogis  Yogshala?

Our teams of teachers are dedicated practitioners and teachers who have led various Yoga camps successfully. Our main focus is to cultivate traditional teaching and values of Yoga with updated information on body-mind science. 

The curriculum combines detailed alignment knowledge and intelligent sequencing with vinyasa theory to provide you with sound skills for teaching safe and effective yoga classes. Our teachers have spent over 20 years collectively investigating nearly every style of yoga, its practices, and associated philosophies. Their knowledge, combined with their approach to experiential education, creates a learning environment that is rich and multi-faceted.

Our teaching pedagogy has proven a great success in the studio method of teaching and has provided many teachers with a functional and innovative way of teaching without copying or mimicking. We help the teachers find their voice and their own narration in the practice as well as teachers. 

Students will learn to apply healthy critical thinking through an inquisitive approach to yoga studies. They’ll practice innovative teaching drills, gain clarity about how scientific principles substantiate training techniques, explore the deeper dimensions of yoga practice, and leave with a cutting-edge understanding of human movement and physiology. In all, students can expect to complete this training with new perspectives on yoga study, a greater understanding of biomechanical alignment principles, and expand general knowledge.

We will study and deconstruct asana (yoga poses), pranayama(breathwork), meditation, yoga theory, yoga practice, yoga history and philosophy, basic Sanskrit, and ethics. Each day will be a treasure trove of learning about anatomy, kinesiology, applied biomechanics, and how to use this knowledge to optimize your yoga and movement practice and teaching.

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Online Traditional Hatha & Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Training Highlights

  • This 4-week course is crafted and taught by a team of qualified and dedicated Yoga teachers who holds adequate experience in yoga and meditation.
  • This program is suitable for all age groups and beneficial for different levels (Beginner or Intermediate) of fitness and understanding.
  • This is a Yoga Alliance Accredited Certification Course; hence upon completion of the course, you will receive Yoga Alliance accredited certificate.
  • The classes will cover practical traditional Hatha sessions along with Alignment and Adjustment sessions separately, Pranayama, Meditation techniques, Mantra Chanting, and to understand the roots of the yogic traditions you will engage in in-depth Yoga Philosophy, theory of yogic techniques, and Anatomy and Physiology sessions.
  • All the sessions will be live as well as recorded which can be watched at your own convenience even later.
  • Dedicated time for interactive discussions and Q/A sessions.
  • The best part of Online Yoga TTC is that all the sessions will be recorded and the link for the same will be shared with you. This way you can continue with your practice or follow up with any missed classes & always seek the guidance of teachers later during the course.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Schedule (Indian Standard Time)



11:00-12.30                      Practical Hatha Yoga Class

12.45-13.30                      Pranayama

20:00-21:00                     Talk on Yoga Philosophy

21:30-22:30                     Meditation and Mantra Class


10:15-12:15                       Alignment and Adjustment


10:30-12.30                      Anatomy & Physiology


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Fee & Schedule

Online Traditional Hatha  & Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training – 2022

Date From Date To Duration Fee Booking
16th May 2022  12th June 2022  28 days USD $550 Completed
22nd June 2022 20th July 2022 28 days USD  $550 Completed

Yoga School in Rishikesh Overview

Our Training Culture

Hatha & Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course


An Overview

Namaste Friends We see you here! The times have evolved and so do us; at present we might not be able to offer you the teachings physically, however we can connect through the virtual world and still connect through our body and souls. We call it the beauty of Yoga that heals and grows us inside out. Continuing our journey through online classes here is an overview of what you will be experiencing with through this lane of life: Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala offers online classes and teacher training on traditional Hatha Yoga, meditations and yoga philosophy under the guidance of one of the experienced and dedicated team of teachers in Rishikesh, India. Our courses and classes offer an opportunity to deepen your practices of Yoga and Meditation. The classes consisted of practical and  Read More...
200 Hour Yoga TTC Certification
Yoga Training in Rishikesh

Dedicated Hours Of Teaching Authentic Yoga (Asanas)

There dedicated hours of teaching covering each aspect of the Yoga Teacher Training that covers Techniques, Training and Practice of yogic discipline during the course. The regular practice ensures that you grasp everything that we teach you in the program. The daily schedule starts with a morning practice of asanas and pranayama, late mornings philosophy talks, sessions on anatomy & physiology and the meditation sessions will helps you understand the power of our mind. There will be dedicated sessions for teaching methodology and alignment /adjustment. The entire course is designed for the students to avail maximum benefit in regards to lessons taught , self-reflection, teaching methodology and even exploring the treasures of Rishikesh.

Comprehensive Meditation Sessions

Our Yoga journey is incomplete without "Dhyana". At Rishikesh yogis, we engage in a very diverse range of meditation techniques. The techniques of meditation, such as Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep), AntarMouna (Detached Mindfulness of Thoughts), Ajapa Japa, Hridyakasha Dharana (Heart-Space Meditation), Trataka (Steady Candle Gazing), Chidakasha Dharana (Technique of Yogic Visualization) etc., helps to rearrange and harmonize our emotions and mind while balancing our body. During this journey you will not only become a professional yoga teacher but also a more balanced and focused individual personally.
Yoga and Meditation Program in Rishikesh

Transforming to a Yoga Teacher

This will guide you through the in and out of becoming a responsible and authentic yoga teachers. By encouraging interactive sessions and engaging of the students that involves the techniques, presentation, skills and awareness required to be a yoga teacher. As learning yoga demands immense amount of dedication and commitment same goes with teaching yoga. The one who aspires to teach yoga must follow and deliver the Yoga forms in its most authentic form. Becoming a Yoga Teacher allows to share and spread your knowledge with the whole world. We at Rishikesh Yogis Yogashala are committed to teach the traditional yogic practices only

Understanding the Human Body

One of the crucial subject to practice or teach yoga is to understand human body. Here we will be focusing on the concept of Yoga Anatomy and Physiology, inculcating the concept of Nadis, Chakras and Pranic Physiology. The yoga courses we offer includes in-depth sessions to make you familiar with human bodies. The understanding will help to relate and find the best asanas and practices suitable for different human bodies as we are all at different levels or sometimes with some heatlh conditions. The knowledge of human body push our limits to gain the maximum benefits with tailored practices.
Yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Knowing the Founding Principles Of Yoga Philosophy

Under this category of our syllabus, there will be in-depth discussion on the foundations of yogic philosophy which will entail the study of classical texts such as Patanjali Yoga Sutras. There are chapters dedicated on the tradition of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga with reference to the system of Tantra Philosophy. There will be dedicated lessons on untouched but very important areas of Samkhya Philosophy which forms the metaphysical background of Patanjali Yoga sutra.

Translating Knowledge into Action

The final segment of the syllabus is ‘Practicum’, which involves process of harnessing the skills through practical sessions. These sessions will be in group settings aiming at refining the teaching skills of practitioners in real and live yoga classes. These classes will be conducted under the supervision of the lead teacher and, upon completion of each session -- feedbacks, suggestions and appropriate guidance will be provided to enhance one’s teaching quality in class.


200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Components

Asanas & Pranayama Module 
  • Understanding and discovering the centre of the movement in the human body that connects the lower body to the upper and the left to the right.
  • Discovering the essential movement that is embodied in our human anatomy 
  • Pelvic movements, Lower body joint movements, Spinal movements, Shoulders joints movements, Arms movements, and Neck movements. 
  • Students will learn to explore the natural range of the human body in relation to daily life movements. 


Groups of Asana 

  • You will cover 50 asanas along with integrated movements 
  • How to perform the asanas
  • How to teach the asanas – the 3 stages of teaching pedagogy
  • Counter indications
  • How to use props in the asanas


Groups of asanas 

  1. Standing Balancing 
  2. Standing Twist 
  3. Standing Forward 
  4. Standing Lateral 
  5. Seated 
  6. Inversion 
  7. Spinal extensions 
  8. Retorative 



  1. Introduction of Pranayama
  2. Preparations for Pranayama 
  3. Basic Pranayama 
  • Observing the Yogic Breathing – Prana Vikshana
  • Ujjayi Pranayama 1,2 & 3
  • Viloma Pranayama 1 & 2
  • Shanmukhi Mudra
  • Brahmari Pranayama
  • Sheetali 
  • Shetkari 
  • Bandhas and Mudras 

4. How to teach teaching a Pranayama class

  1. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in the view of Advaita Vedanta ( Non dualism) 
  2. It’s relevance to my life (Teacher’s) and how to apply the principles in the teachings
  3. Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali 
  • Anatomy of asanas
  • Bones/ Skeletal
  • Muscles / Fascia lines 
  • Human Systems
  • Anatomy of movements and terminology 
  • Anatomy of breath
  •  Understanding of Antaranga yoga (internal practice of yoga)
  • Yoga Nidra (Art of Relaxation) 
  • Meditation on concentration and withdrawal of senses 
  • Kaya Sthairyam

Ajapa Japa 

Antar Mouna

Chidakasha Dharna 

Chakra Shuddhi


1. How to sequence a progressive class dynamic and restorative

2. Teaching Methodology

Beginning a Class
Classroom Management
Demonstration of Asanas in Class

3. Teaching Principles