Mantra Sadhana - 10 Day Online Workshop

It is universally believed that ‘Chanting’, holds its own healing power. This workshop gets you in depth of vedic chanting, traditional mantras with its interpretation. The traditional mantra chanting is a key to transform your inner being; this workshop will assuredly help to clam, stabilse and heal the mind through matra meditation. This mantra sadhana course will guide you through different kinds of Vedic mantra which will help you to connect to the divine within you.

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Workshop Outline

Learn Traditional Mantras with its Interpretation

Who can Join this Course?

This sacred healing course is for everyone irrespective of one’s age, knowledge or experience. The practice of chanting if done dedication and commitment will heal you and grow you from within. Understanding the roots of our existence through chanting and soaking oneself in the knowledge of our vedic traditions will help you to experience completeness within yourself; especially, those who feel that they are stuck in a cycle of denial and negative thoughts. The sacred sound (Mantra sadhana) which starts from your inner consciousness and will lead you to grow positively. Practicing mantras will help evolving one’s thinking and thoughts which resemble the power of mind.
Naman Mantra Sadhana
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What are the Effects of Mantra Chanting?

Starting your morning with mantra chanting is one of the best ways to create positive energy within yourself. From ancient times chanting mantra is believed to be one of the phenominal spiritual practices. In yogic traditions, reciting mantra is the very first leap to awaken inner consciousness. Mantra chanting is medicine for our mind. This course will strengthen one’s concentration and mind set towards the purpose of life.

What We Learn?

By the end of the course, you will discover the power of Mantra Sadhna and how to indulge yourself by grasping maximum benefit of your wellbeing. Remember how just listening to Mantra makes us feel instantly clam and composed for that moment! Imagine chanting and practicing it on regular basis; chanting Mantra regularly brings peace to our mind and surrondings. Mantras has many psychological benefits. Regular practice can improve our ability to focus and concentrate better. You will learn how to deal with the situation of life and consequences. Everytime we chant a mantra it helps in releasing stress from the minds resulting in a relax body and refresh mind. Regular practice and by deepening one’s knowledge helps to decrease anxiety and other depressive factors in human body. You  Read More...

Mantra Sadhana with Naman

Teaching Mantra Music and Vocal Practice

Meet Naman, who belongs to a traditional Indian family whose father is a priest and also well respected preacher in Hindu mythology. Naman was inclined to music since childhood. to take this further he started his journey of music under the guidance of highly qualified guru Shri R.R Singh. The guru ji excelled in his journey of music even after being blind by birth and was professor at one of the best universities called Banaras Hindu University. Naman learnt Indian classical music from his Guru ji for long 10 years and completed his graduation in classical music. Along with the Indian classical music, he enjoys performing different styles of music like gazal, qawwali, Sufi , Devotional bhajan, and western fusion with Indian classical music. Ever since childhood he has been performing in various concerts and in events of the international yoga festival in Rishikesh and around. During his tenure as a teacher he has taught students from all over the world. Naman first love is always to spread the knowledge of Indian classical music in the world. He believes that music and mantras positively affect our mental health and prominent on overall well being of humans.

Naman Mantra Sadhana

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