Stress Healing Yoga Workshop in Rishikesh

A stress management workshop for working professionals where they can learn about the nature of stress and practice useful tools to help relieve it from the mind and the body.

This is a 1-3 day retreat program on stress and anxiety management that features high impact stress busting classic techniques of meditation and Hatha Yoga.

The techniques preached in this retreat help the professional to develop ‘awareness’ – of the self and the environment. Yoga helps a person manage anxiety by relaxing his alertness.

A person who has a ‘relaxed alertness’ is awakened to life experiences. They exhibit clarity of mind under all situations.

The intention of the retreat is not just teaching the technique but helping the participants to imbibe the concept and equipping them with the abilities to deal with demanding situations with understanding and poise.

Curriculum Overview

Daily Schedule

6.00-6.30 AMHerbal Infusion
6.30-8.00 AMHatha Yoga Postures (Asana), Pranayama (Breath-Work) and Mantra Chanting
8.00-09.30 AMBreakfast
10.00-11.00 AMSession 1
11.15-12.15 PMPractical Workshop
12.30-03.00 PMLunch and Free Time
03.00-03.30 PMTea
03.30-04.30 PMPractical Workshop
04.30-05.30 PMSession 2
06.00-07.30 PMMeditation
07.30-08.30 PMDinner
09.00-10.00 PMSwadhyaya (Self study)/ Writing Spiritual Diary
10.00Lights Out

Optional Features

What Our Student Say