Essence of Yoga 10 Day Retreat in Rishikesh, India


Are you looking for a way to feel healthier, less stressed, more in tune with your body, mind and spirit? Have you thinking of where to plan your next international trip? Has the magic of India called your name for some time now?

Join us and enjoy the endless life changing benefits of a yogic lifestyle in the birthplace of yoga itself – Rishikesh, India!

Essence of Yoga 10 Day Retreat

in Rishikesh, India

During our retreat you will live among yogis in a mindful ashram setting nestled in the scenic rolling foothills of the Himalayas, as you’re taught by renowned local teachers with years of international experience, regarding the essence of yoga.

From philosophy, to diet and meditation, to the bonds shared between the teachers and students, natural excursions and the colorful surroundings of a colloquial Indian town – this 10 day retreat is about both exploring within the self and adventuring outside the self in one of the most magical countries on the planet!

Our 10 day retreat is perfect for all ages, physical capacities, levels of prior yoga experience etc. Whether you’re new to yoga or have previous training, this is your chance to fully practice the variety of teachings yoga has to offer and begin experiencing the lasting benefits that daily asana, meditation and mindfulness can have on your life. All shapes, all sizes, all colors, and callings are welcome!


10 day retreat

Meet the Retreat Teachers


Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher
Yogi Sushant

Yoga Philosophy,
Kriya and Kundalini Yoga,

Hatha Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh Yogis
Reema Saikia

Traditional Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Louis (Ramana)
Louis (Ramana)

Iyengar Yoga
Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

Acharya Shri Parveen Nair

Iyengar Yoga
Body Alignment and Adjustment


Traditional Hatha Yoga

Kushal Anatomy Teacher

Anatomy Teacher

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
Pratap Rawat

Ashtanga Yoga

Satyanarayan Jha
Satyanarayan Jha

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga

Girish - Yoga Anatomy Teacher

Yoga Anatomy

Dorelal Singh Thakur

Vinyasa Yoga,
Yoga Philosophy

Hatha Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh Yogis
Uttam Ghosh

Hatha Yoga,
Iyengar Yoga



DAY 3: Focus on Asana (Physical Yoga Postures)

07:00 AM Morning Yoga
09:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Rishikesh Cultural Walk & Temple Visit
01:30 PM Lunch
03:00 PM Anatomy of Self/Home Practice
04:15 PM Afternoon Asana & Alignment Class
06:30 PM Evening Meditation Class
07:00 PM Dinner, Q&A Circle, and Rest

DAY 4: Focus on Pranayama (Breath/Life Force)

07:30 AM Group Neti & Pranayama Class
08:30 AM Tea Break / Morning Yoga Class
10:00 AM Breakfast
11:00 AM Intro to Ayurveda / What’s Your Dosha Workshop
12:00 PM Ayurvedic Cooking Class & Lunch Break
03:30 PM Workshop: Sound to Stillness Mantra Meditation
05:00 PM Attend the Ganga Arti Ceremony
07:00 PM Dinner and Rest



KARMA YOGA – One remarkable aspect of our 10 day retreat is the inclusion of Karma Yoga or self-less work. This is where a positive relationship between a volunteer and the task can catalyze tremendous positive change, in both the giver and the receiver. Karma Yoga is however, never performed for ones own personal benefit.

During our Essence of Yoga retreat program guests will have numerous occasions to share their time and invaluable assistance by fulfilling certain volunteer tasks. This will facilitate a space where the locals, children and the guests can all grow together during moments of sacred connection despite cultural, lingual and economic barriers.

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