Sthira Tandava - 07 Days Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Exploring the Stillness in Movement

Eco Yoga Retreat in the Mountains

 Our outer world is in continuous motion and along with it we dance round the clock. When we do sit still , how still is our mind?

Most of what we observe in life is constantly undergoing a process of change or movement including ourselves. Is there something in us that is unchanging and constant?

If you see a moving bus pass by, what do you notice? If you were to freeze its motion in form of a picture what do you notice?

When we sit in meditation, in the voluntary stillness of body their is a gentle but continuous movement of breath.

There is Movement in Stillness. But is there stillness in movement?


What will you find here?

Sthira Tandava is a yoga retreat in the green mountains of Uttarakhand. The serene atmosphere away from the hubbub of city is an ideal setup for self enquiry and rejuvenation. The intention of this retreat is to bring into our awareness the stillness within the movement. Finding the ever exisiting divinity within oneself. An infinite pool of nectar you can dip and soak into to refresh yourself. Once we connect with this inner wisdom, we can choose to keep coming back to this source.

Sthira – The tranquil silence within

Tandava – Divine Movements innate to our body

In this retreat we bring to you yogic practices such as dynamic asanas in form of embodied movements that bring us home to the natural moving patterns of the human body. Static asana practice like Yin Yoga where we explore bodily sensations and our mind flow. Active meditation or movement based meditations.
Traditional breathing and meditation practices from Bihar school of Yoga. Talks on Advaita Vedanta to make self enquiry into your experiences. In the lap of mother nature we find our balance amongst lush green mountains, chirping birds and fresh breeze in close proximity to the holy River Ganga.

About the Location - Dirghayu Bhava Aashram

Dirghayu Bhava Aashram is located on top of a Mountain surrounded by green forests of Uttarakhand. It is reachable from Dehradun airport in 30 minutes. In monsoon the entire area is full of natural water streams and rivers. The Calm and Peaceful aura of this place opens your hearts and minds naturally to bring out the mindfulness required for a journey towards self awareness and healing.

The Ashram is close to local village community and believes in the simple, sustainable and holistic lifestyles of Pahari Villages.The food preparation is based on ancient Ayurvedic principles of cooking, use of clay or brass pots, different herbs, simple preparation, and is suitable for all 3 doshas. The meal served here is not only nutritionally dense is also prepared with positive energy and love.  Food is the source of the flow of energy in our bodies and the food here supports the positive flow of energy in your body and mind.

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Yoga Retreat Ashram
Yoga Retreat place in rishikesh
Yoga retreat Dirghayu Bhava Aashram
Meditation in yoga retreat

Sthira Tandava: 7 Day Retreat in Rishikesh

Course Curriculum

Embodied Movements with Parveen

Sthira Tandava Movements class with Parveen will focus on the dance of Shiva with the grammar of Yoga asanas infused in a vinyasa style. This class is designed to bring out elements of the dancing Shiva and its relationship with the physical, pranic and emotional flow of the human body. The class begins with a practice of centering, to invite the mind to permeate the body and breath. Followed by Natural body movements integrated with myofascial hydration to enhance fluidity and mindfulness while moving. We explore asanas in different planes of movements related to the Dancing Shiva pose. Recovery pattern to come back home to the Silence within. Overall participants will learn to find balance with their psychic, breath and mind.
Asana practice

Dharana to Dhyana with Uttam

The yogic term for concentration is dharana, which means ‘to hold the mind at one point’. In the yogic tradition, dharana belongs to the internal stages of raja yoga which is the path of mental discipline. Dharana follows the stage of pratyahara in which the mind is withdrawn from the external sensory objects and internalized. After separating the mind from the senses, the mind can be directed to go into deeper states of mental awareness. As the mental awareness deepens, when there is a total absence of sensorial awareness, then dharana takes place. Dharana helps to cease the flow of thoughts and brings great relaxation. With this mental training, we become objectively aware of our surroundings and our interactions with it. We are able to control the distressing negative traits of our Read More...

Vedanta Philosophy with Parveen

Atmastakam , participants will learn to chant this hymn and its meaning and its relationship with our pursuit to Happiness . This chant contains one of the primary mantras of Shaivism, the Soham Shivoham mantra (“I am That, I am pure consciousness”) and is thought to promote a deeper understanding of one's true nature, as well as a connection to the universal source represented by Shiva). The name of this mantra comes from the Sanskrit atma, meaning the inner Self; satka, meaning “sixfold”; and Shivoham, meaning “I am Shiva.” The Atmastakam Shivoham mantra is composed of six verses and is believed to have been written in the eighth or ninth century by Hindu philosopher Adi Shankara. It promotes the philosophy of non-dualism (the oneness of the inner individual Self with the  Read More...

Yin Yoga with Ekta

Yin and Yang represent two opposing forces that may actually be interconnected in the real world. While Yang represents action oriented Masculine energy in Yin represents the Creative, Intuitive and Feminine side. Yang energy is needed to nourish our Yin interior, and it is the gentler Yin qualities within us that balance our Yang intensities. In Yoga asana also we can see these complimentary polarities when we use the physical body - a tangible form to connect with our subtle body through breath and sensations. Ekta will guide you to visit this inner world of physical sensations, feelings and thoughts rising in the mental body in the Yin Yoga class. Yin Yoga is a quiet and stillness based practice where we hold floor based asanas for longer durations. The non movement and the time gives  Read More...

Active meditation with Kuldeep

Sthira Tandav active mediation class with Kuldeep will focus on the mind and its relationship with movements. We often desire a flexible yoga body but it is the mind that needs to be flexible. There are various sufi and yogic traditional practices which work on this aspect. Where we use the body to grow beyond the body. Videha , growing beyond the body. Meditation is a state of being which can't be tried , it happens when the mind is still. Overall participants will work on mind and its conditionings while experiencing the union within and outside.

A Day in a Retreat


07:00 am – 08:30 am                     Embodied movements with Praveen Nair

08:30 am – 09:30 am                     Breakfast

09:30 am – 10:30 am                      Pranayama with Uttam Ghosh

11:00 am –  12:00 noon                  Philosophy with Praveen Nair

12:15 pm onwards                           Lunch

03:30 pm – 05:00 pm                     Active Meditation with Kuldeep Das

05:30 pm – 07:00 pm                     Yin Yoga with Ekta Minocha

07:15 pm onwards                           Dinner

Sthira Tandava: 7 Day Retreat in Rishikesh

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7 Day Retreat in Rishikesh, India

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Shared Twin Room 30,000 INR
Triple Share Room 24,500 INR
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